How not to test if you can visualise.

As a Hypnotist when I’m Coaching lots of people expect me to tell them to ‘visualise’ stuff. And I do but, I check first to see if they can. The problem is that while most people can understand at a conscious level that they are ‘seeing’ something with their minds eye, the reality is they are not. … Read moreHow not to test if you can visualise.

COMING SOON Success? How will You Know?

In this episode of the Hypnotist Radio Show we’re looking at the first question every good coach should ask a client because the answer is actually different for everyone. “Okay Jon, so success, how will you know?” “I’ll know when I get FISH. That’s when I’m Fulfilled Inspired Satisfied and Happy “Jonathan Chase is one … Read moreCOMING SOON Success? How will You Know?

A good recipe metaphor for Wealthy Thinking

I was once called the Gordon Ramsey of Hypnotists. I’d like to think that was because of my passion for elegant simplicity and adding value to my clients lives, although I fear it may be because when I get passionate I do have a tendency to swear a little… well okay, a lot…